Return Policy

Users who are considered Buyers according to our Terms are principally granted a right of revocation.

If a Buyer has purchased content but has not published it yet, they can cancel their order within a period of 7 (seven) days after Better Content receives the payment for the content they purchased. The same holds true if a Buyer can provide evidence that the content they purchased is not exclusive (unique) and can be found somewhere else (we accept CopyScape or SmallSeoTools reports only). In both cases, the Buyer has to contact Better Content via email ( or via Contact Us page within the time period described above in order to cancel their order.

The email must also contain the name of the piece of content in question (the title) and a copy of the invoice for the article(s) they purchased.

In any case, the maximum term for cancellation is 7 (seven) days calculated from the day in which the Buyer (or a third party they appointed for the transaction) receives the digital goods they purchased.


In case of cancellation, the purchase contract will be voided and the Buyer will receive the full payment they provided, minus potential costs which might occur in combination with the use of the payment provider PayPal (for example in case of currency exchange). Since we deal with digital goods, there are no shipping costs included in the purchase order which need to be reimbursed.

In case of cancellation, the Buyers will be refunded within a period of 10 (ten) days after receiving a valid order of cancelation of the contract. For this transaction, Better Content will use the same payment method and information used by the Buyer when purchasing goods from our store. Better Content will not directly retain any penalties or fees for carrying out a refund, even though costs might be generated through the utilization of PayPal as method of payment (for example in case of currency exchange). More information about PayPal and potential fees that the company applies can be found here:

After cancellation, the Buyer is not requested to send back the digital goods they received but is obliged to erase the files they purchased and is not allowed to utilize (display, publish, rewrite, edit, sell…) them in any publications, online or offline.